Unsuccessful Cures for Sex Addiction


Sex addiction has been said to be the most difficult addiction to address. Because of this, people have been searching for cures to their problem behaviors but many of these cures are ineffective.

Sex addicts often make promises to stop their acting out behavior. They may even make vows to God that they will never do the behaviors again. They are sincere but find that the promises do not result in arresting the behavior.

Some turn to religion and have profound religious experiences where they commit to being involved in various religious rites and rituals hoping to eradicate the addiction. Others believe the problem lies in where they live. They believe the solution to their addiction is the “geographical cure” so they move hoping their addiction will not follow them.

Single sex addicts may believe they will find relief from addiction if they will just get into a relationship or get married. Married sex addicts often think the problem is they are in the wrong relationship and that they would be able to stop their acting out if they got a divorce.

There are those sex addicts that believe the solution to their addiction is in taking a pill. Others believe they will find relief when they are much older hoping they will outgrow the addiction.

In truth, all of these “cures” are ineffective. What works with sex addiction is the same thing that works with other addictions. Sex addicts must give themselves to a solid program of recovery that includes attending meetings, working with a sponsor, working the Steps of recovery, and a willingness to do a lot of personal soul-searching. 


About End Shame

Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
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