Getting Help

The recovery journey often involves a number of elements. 
A key element in recovery is psychotherapy. 

Psychotherapy for sex addiction recovery may include various treatment options:

Individual Therapy  
Individual therapy sessions at Hope & Freedom Counseling Services are 45 minutes in length and are focused on sex addiction recovery.  Usually one or more sessions is scheduled a week, depending on how aggressively a person wants to pursue recovery, that person’s schedule, and their financial ability.  Some clients have found it helpful to do more concentrated work early in recovery. In those cases, clients may have individual sessions two, three, or more times per week. This concentrated schedule helps the client establish early sobriety and get grounded in using the tools of recovery.

Group Therapy  
Group therapy, in groups specifically designed for sex addicts,  is recommended for many clients after they have established a good foundation in recovery in individual therapy and have a good understanding of many of the standard tools of recovery.  Clients are asked to make a minimum commitment to attend at least 13 group sessions.  However, they are allowed to remain in the group as long as they continue to progress and feel that the group is helpful to their recovery.

Couples Therapy  
When a client is married or in a committed relationship, we often meet with the couple in the second session.  This allows  us to hear concerns that the partner has and to evaluate the impact compulsive sexual behavior has on the relationship.  Thereafter we frequently meet with the client by himself weekly and then meet with the couple once a month.  Most couples sessions are “double sessions” of approximately 90 minutes in length to allow adequate time since couples issues are often multifaceted.

When a man has been in recovery for a while and has already established a good foundation in recovery, we may work with the couple on a weekly basis on subjects that include:

  • Establishment and enhancement of intimacy
  • Recovery check-ins
  • Communication (I draw heavily on the work of Pia Mellody and Terry Real)
  • Dealing with crises in relationship
  • Healthy sexuality

Three-Day Intensives
The recovery journey may begin with a Three-Day Intensive.  This is a good way to “quick start” recovery and learn the disciplines necessary for establishing and maintaining long-term sobriety.

12-Step Meetings
In addition to psychotherapy, 12-step meetings are important for long-term recovery.  For a person just beginning the road to recovery, it is recommended they attend a minimum of two 12-step meetings a week.  Even after a person has established long-term sobriety and is doing solid work in recovery, it is recommended that sex addicts continue attending 12-step meetings to keep their recovery on track.  A list of various “S” type 12-step meetings is provided by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Other Treatment Possibilities
Sometimes there is a need for a more concentrated treatment than this.  That may involve a week or more of intensive outpatient treatment or even several weeks of inpatient treatment.  We will be glad to discuss these options with you and make appropriate referrals for you should the need exist.