Narcissism and Sex Addiction


“I want you to tell my husband that he is a narcissist.” This statement is repeated in my office several times each year by partners of sex addicts. At the root of the comment is the fact that these partners have witnessed many selfish behaviors by the sex addict. They believe that must mean that the sex addict has narcissistic personality disorder.

Many sex addicts are very selfish. In fact, we could safely say that their behaviors are narcissistic. However, narcissistic personality disorder is a rare disorder that is present in less than 1% of the population. Thankfully, most sex addicts are not dually diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder.

But the fact remains that sex addicts can be very selfish. If you are a sex addict, try keeping a daily journal where you record instances of selfishness each day. Be sure to include any instances where your partner or someone else pointed out that you tend to think of yourself first.

Are you a narcissist? Maybe. Maybe not. What matters today is that you refocus your life so that you are not the center of your universe. Today is a day for selflessness instead of selfishness.


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1 Response to Narcissism and Sex Addiction

  1. frogstale says:

    Hi, I found this after leaving my other comment. I do truly believe that some sex addicts have personality disorders. I have spent some time studying it and am happy to discuss with you. I am about to post about how sex addiction, personality disorders and abuse cross over. When my ex stopped acting out in the last two years of our marriage, his abuse of me escalated. My theory is that the sexual addiction helped him control his abusive behavious, but once he didn’t have that release he couldn’t control the abuse. After I left him his behaviour has continued to be abusive and he has used the children as pawns to continue abusing and blaming me. It has been 5 1/2 years and he hasn’t stopped. He certainly has something more going on than just (did I say just!) a sex addiction.

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