There is Hope for Sex Addiction

For the sex addict who has spent many years pursuing and being obsessed with sex, it may seem that there is no hope. Some sex addicts have resigned themselves to the belief that they will never be able to get free and that they are destined to live out their lives dealing with the carnage produced by their acting out.

Stop Sex Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners shows sex addicts how to get free from their acting out permanently. The path is not easy but the goal is achievable.

Sex addicts are able to find a path that starts with hope on the first day of recovery and ultimately leads to freedom from all addictive behavior. Amazingly, it is also possible for relationships that have been badly damaged by sexual addiction to heal.

The journey outlined in this book is one that both sex addicts and partners can take together. Some chapters are addressed just to the addict and some specifically to the partner. There are also chapters for both. The recovery journey outlined in this book has been used by many couples from all over the world who have participated in Intensives at Hope & Freedom Counseling Services and those facilitated by Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioners (CHFP) who are practicing throughout the country.


About End Shame

Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
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